Tinos Miles services Terms & Conditions

Rental Agreement

The car which is delivered to the renter is in good overall condition, without any faults or imperfections which is verified from the renter after checking, without setting out any reservations and he/she agreed to return it in the same condition, with the accessories, tools tires and documents which the vehicle had at the date of delivery.

The renter is fully responsible for the vehicle’s ignition key and in case of loss within the period of the rental agreement; he/she shall cover the expenses of reissuing the vehicle’s key.

The renter by signing agrees that if he/she causes and accident, damages the vehicle that he/she rented or to third parties (included passengers of the car), intentionally or negligently, he/she undertakes full responsibility and the obligation to settle and pay off the whole expenses of repairs and their restitution as well as compensation to the rent-a-car business (Tinos Miles) of the daily charge rate, until the vehicle is available again for renting. The renter is also responsible to pay any damages not covered by the insurance contract of the vehicle.

The renter agrees that he read the terms and conditions of the third party liability insurance which covers the vehicle and driver, as well as that he/she is not insured if a passenger of the car has an accident and the renter was responsible and or there is an accident and the renter was not driving the vehicle.

The renter must not allow anybody else to drive/use the car, as well as not allow him-self to drive/use the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In case of an accident or damages to the car, the renter must do the following:

  • Park the car is a safe point and report immediately to the rent-a-car business (Tinos Miles).
  • Report the accident to the police.
  • Obtain details of the accident and damages as well as name and address of possible witnesses.

The driver’s minimum age limit is 23 years and the renter’s driving license must have been issued at least one year before.

The renter is obligated to conform and drive the car according to the traffic rules and not to use it for racing or contest, to drive on sandy areas or rough ground, as well as any other areas or in any other way that might cause damage to the car, or is forbidden by the Traffic Authorities. If the car is damaged due to driving on rough ground the renter will be fully responsible to pay for the damages. The renter has full liability to pay for all fines of parking and traffic violations, given to him or to the car during the period mentioned is this rental agreement.

The renter acknowledges and agrees the he/she is obligated to settle and pay immediately, upon return of the vehicle the whole sum due to the rent-a-car business (Tinos Miles) such as rent, taxes and rates as well as charges for delays, damages, damages to tiers, or fines for parking and traffic violations.

Sea transport of the car is allowed only with written consent/approval of the rent-a-car business (Tinos Miles).

The renter is obligated to return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel mentioned in the front page of the rental agreement.

For any misunderstanding, disputes or disagreements between renter and the rent-a-car business (Tinos Miles) will be settled under the jurisdiction of the Greek Legal Authorities and especially the Legal Authorities of Ermoupoli Syros.

The renter is informed that Smoking is NOT Allowed within the vehicle at any point and he/she will be obligated to cover cleaning expenses to remove smells.